Fishing Guide to North Karelia

Province of large lakes

The head waters of the Vuoksi and Laatokka waterways have abundant and diverse fish stocks. North Karelia is a province of not only large lakes but also thousands of small waters.


Rare fishermen's "saunas" (uninhabited huts – without sauna!), hundreds of appointed landing places and camp-fire sites, boat ramps, rental cottages and many fishing events, ranging from trolling through spin fishing and ice fishing to family camps, and a well developed fishing licence system provide extremely good conditions for hobby fishermen.


Right in the middle of the province capital, in the rapids of Joensuu, you can try out your skills in catching salmon or smelt. Ruunaa is ideal for fly-fishing with the family, offering disabled access. Large lakes: The lakes Pielinen, Höytiäinen, Pyhäselkä, Koitere and Pyhäjärvi are best suited to trolling for pike-perch, lake salmon, lake brown trout and pike. Thousands of small waters are treasure troves for adventurers.


Fishing trips – also across the border to Russia – can be booked from travel and entertainment service providers, fishing guides and professional fishermen.


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<p>Valtimo fishing area</p>

1.Valtimon kalastusalue

The lure fishing licence of Valtimo is valid for fishing in the whole territory of Valtimo, except for some private waters and some of Metsähallitus forest enterprise.

10. Orivesi fishing area

An area of about 66,000 ha ranging from the mouth of Pielisjoki to Savonselkä and Heposelkä in Rääkkylä and Liperi.

Lake Orivesi, which is among the cleanest in northern Saimaa, is divided into several large open areas, but has also large islands. The open areas include Pyhäselkä, Tikanselkä, Jänisselkä, Ukonselkä, Telmonselkä, Heposelkä, Savonselkä, Pyssyselkä and Samppaanselkä.

Kuhakivenselkä and Paasselkä are part of Keski-Karjala fishing area in southern Orivesi.

Orivesi is fed by Pielinen, Höytiäinen, Pyhäjärvi and Viinijärvi.

Peculiarities of Orivesi include the Saimaa salmon and the endangered Saimaa ringed seal.

Fish species: brown trout, lake salmon, pike-perch, whitefish, Arctic char, vendace, perch, pike, bream and orfe.

Water routes: Some of the routes in North Karelia water route network are located in this area.



9. Koitajoki area
Koitajoki area comprises a long water route, partly on Russian territory. Koitajoki river is the spawning place of Finland's only pure wild muksun population. Some of the small waters of the area are clear, which makes them ideal for whitefish and brown trout. The fishing area covers 17,700 ha. Restocking with species such as pike-perch, lake trout and salmon, whitefish, grayling and crayfish.


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